Step by Step Application Tips

Directions & Tips for Completing the Common Application

  1. Go to :
  1. Make sure the tab APPLICANTS is on and Select Create an Account
  1. Common App will ask you to enter your email address and select a password. Please write this information down in a place where you will find it. Create a file for all information pertaining to your college applications.
  1. Common App will now ask you to select a tab. Please select the Common App tab.
  1. You must use your full legal name.
  1. Please choose a home phone and cell phone number that you do not anticipate changing.
  1. Common App will ask for your Social Security number. You only need to provide it IF you will be applying for financial aid.
  1. Some students may be eligible for a fee waiver based on financial need. Please check with your counselor to see if you are eligible.
  1. To complete the information about your parents you will need:
Full name
Where they were born (country)
Level of Education (HS, Bachelors, Masters, etc.)
Employment status
Job title
** If your parent is deceased they will ask for the month and year he/she passed away

  1. To complete the information about your siblings you will need:
Level of education
Relationship to you

  1. Education Section - you must use the "Find your high school" tool to locate your high school info.
Date of Entry: 09 per 2011 (if you have been at EGHS for 4 years)
Graduation date: 06 per 07 per 2015
Enter your Counselor's name: Anne-Marie Flaherty, Beth McCarthy, Lyn Hostetler, Lisa Wilson
Job Title: School Counselor
Enter your Counselor's email:;;;
Phone: Mrs. Flaherty - 401-398-1543 Mrs. McCarthy - 401-398-1567
Mrs. Hostetler - 401-398-1549 Mrs. Wilson 401-398-1532
Fax: 401-886-9657

  1. Community Based Organization: The answer to this question should be ZERO unless you had a person/organization help you complete this form that includes hiring a private counselor or visiting the College Planning Center of RI.
  1. If you are graduating in four years you have not had an interruption in your schooling. If you are unsure please see your counselor.
  1. If you have taken a course for college credit (dual enrollment at EG) or other college course you will complete this section.
  1. School Information:
Class rank reporting: None
Cumulative GPA: is on your unofficial transcript (weighted GPA)
GPA Scale: 4.0
GPA Weighting: Weighted

  1. Common App allow you to enter 10 classes. If you have more than 10 classes, please enter full year classes and then electives.
Course Title: Name of the class
Course Level: AP if it is an advanced placement class - Honors if it is an honors class
Dual enrollment if you are paying to receive college credit
When in doubt please see your Counselor

  1. Honors: This section focuses on the academic achievements you received during your 3 years at EGHS.
  1. You are not required to report your test scores on Common App. Most schools ask you to send OFFICIAL scores from College Board or ACT.
You can report your highest scores as that is what the college would use.

  1. Activities: This is where you will list your activities. Student Council, Yearbook, sports, jobs, etc. Use descriptive words here as necessary. Put your most involved activities first. If you need more space there is a place for "other."
  1. Please write your essay in a word processing document. Check for errors. Remember to keep track of the word count as you are only allowed 650 words.
  1. We will not be reporting on your disciplinary history at EGHS. You are responsible to be honest on this application. Failure to do so may result in an acceptance letter being withdrawn by the college.
  1. The next step on the Common App is to search for one college to which you wish to apply.
Click on the College Search Tab.
Once you have added a college, go to My Colleges Tab.
You will then click on each college you want to add.

  1. Important part of your Common App: Check the Recommenders and FERPA Section.
  1. Release Authorization: This section allows Common App to send colleges your educational records online.
  1. Whether or not you waive your rights is a decision for you and your parent/guardian. Check with your counselor if you need clarification on this.
  1. You will now invite your counselor to submit your school information and your letter of recommendation. We cannot access your Common App until you invite us. The invite MUST be submitted two weeks prior to your deadline. Failure to meet this deadline will result in your application not being completed on time.
  1. You will now invite one (or more) teachers to submit your school information and your letter of recommendation.