Town Manager Recruitment Profile

Community Vision

East Greenwich is a community defined by the highest standards of education, infrastructure, services and public safety. It is a community of people working together to create the Town’s future with a government that is responsive to residents and ensures the long-term financial stability of the Town.

The Community

East Greenwich is the quintessential New England small town with a vibrant Main Street and beautiful waterfront. The town beautifully captures the four seasons and is known state-wide for offering an outstanding quality of life for its residents. East Greenwich has a vibrant food scene, a multitude of outdoor activities, an array of shopping opportunities, and cultural events at our local theater, The Odeum.

Incorporated in 1677, the Town of East Greenwich is the birthplace of the United States Navy and the eight oldest in Rhode Island. The population of the town is approximately 13,000, the median age is 45 and the median income is $97,000.

Town Government under its Home Rule Charter from 1972, East Greenwich has a Council/Town Manager form of government. The Town Council has five members who are elected at large every two years. This provides a five-member legislative body with a professional administrator.

The Town Manager is appointed by the Council to serve as the administrative head of government. The Manager serves at the pleasure of the Council and may be removed by a majority vote. The Manager appoints all department directors. The Manager supervises and directs the administration of all Town departments and personnel; however, the general administration of the school system is the responsibility of the School Committee, within the provisions of powers and duties enumerated in the Rhode Island General Laws. The seven-member School Committee is elected at-large during regular Town elections and members serve four-year terms. The Committee also appoints the Superintendent of Schools.

The Town provides most traditional municipal services, such as: police, fire, emergency rescue, planning, zoning, street maintenance, solid waste collection, recycling and recreation. In addition, the Town maintains all sewer lines and pumping stations through its wastewater treatment plant. East Greenwich provides outstanding outdoor venues and parks, has an active Seniors program and operates a library.

The East Greenwich Town Budget is approximately $62 million for FY 2018, and the Town employs approximately 500 full-time equivalent employees, including School Department personnel. The Town Budget is approved by the Town Council during June of each year.

The school system enrolls almost 2,500 students in grades Pre-K-12 at six school sites. The Rhode Island Department of Education has designated the East Greenwich Public Schools as a High Performing School District. Over 90% of its graduates enroll in post-secondary education. Students participate in a variety of co-curricular activities including: the arts, athletics, publications, state-level competitions and leadership.

Appointment and Qualifications:

The Town Council by a majority vote of its total membership appoints a Town Manager for an indefinite term and fixes the Manager's compensation. The qualifications for the Town Manager are as follows:

  • Minimum of a Bachelor Degree required
  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, or its equivalent is preferred
  • Minimum ten years of experience as a business leader, administrator or similar position leading an organization and team of professional employees is required
  • Minimum five years of experience in Municipal Collective bargaining is desirable
  • A demonstrated ability to communicate orally and in writing

Powers and Duties:

The Town Manager shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town, responsible to the Council for the administration of all Town affairs placed in the Manager’s charge by or under the Town Charter. The Town Manager shall:

  1. Appoint and, when necessary for the good of the service, suspend or remove all Town employees and appointive administrative officers provided for by or under the Charter, except as otherwise provided for by law, the Charter or personnel rules adopted pursuant to the Charter. The Town Manager may authorize any administrative officer, subject to the Manager’s direction and supervision, to exercise these powers with respect to subordinates in that officer’s department, office or agency
  2. Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the Town, except as otherwise provided by the Charter or by law
  3. Attend all Town Council meetings. The Town Manager shall have the right to take part in discussion but shall not vote
  4. See that all laws, provisions of the Charter and acts of the Town Council, subject to enforcement by the Town Manager or by officers subject to the Manager’s direction and supervision, are faithfully executed
  5. Prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the Town Council
  6. Submit to the Town Council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the Town as of the end of each fiscal year
  7. Make such other reports as the Town Council may require concerning the operations of Town departments, offices and agencies subject to the Town Manager’s direction and supervision
  8. Keep the Town Council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the Town
  9. Make recommendations to the Town Council concerning the affairs of the Town
  10. Provide staff support services for the Council members
  11. Perform such duties as are specified in the Charter or which may be required by the Town Council
  12. All contracts for municipal employment shall be approved by the Town Council and shall comply with the provision that certain appointees serve at the pleasure of the Town Manager.

Challenges Facing the Town Manager

Through the collaborative efforts of the Town Council, Town Manager and staff, the Town has made significant strides to improve public services and stabilize municipal government operations. But there is work that remains and the Town Manager faces challenges.

As East Greenwich approaches residential and commercial build-out, maintaining the quality of life in East Greenwich without the overreliance of residential property taxes will be challenging.

The Town Council remains committed to refining and implementing the Town’s long-range plans, with active participation and guidance of the Town Manager addressing the following goals and objectives of the Town Council:

  • Establish a stronger fiscal and budgetary process with tighter controls on the budget, and develop strategies to address pension and OPEB underfunding.
  • Develop a strategic plan for the Town of East Greenwich to address future economics and other impacts expected on the town and school system.
  • Address infrastructure issues including indoor and outdoor town and school facilities, town roads
  • Negotiation of public union contracts in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Waterfront access and development
  • Strategic assessment of the sewer treatment plant and the DPW facility

The Ideal Candidate

The Town Council seeks a Manager who is willing to commit to a tenure which allows for the implementation of policies, procedures and practices that will allow the Town to continue to improve as a public service organization. The new Manager will be expected to maintain the stability of Town government. The following personal and professional attributes in addition to the qualifications are essential for the next Manager:


  • Willingness to play a visible role in the community and participate broadly in community affairs
  • Ability to delegate internal managerial responsibility, holding the staff accountable for performance
  • Ability to work openly with community groups and employees in a collaborative manner
  • Ability to work as a team leader, with other Town officials, in a participative municipal environment. The successful candidate must possess a history of proven customer service to a demanding, but supportive electorate
  • Ability to serve as a spokesperson and representative for the Council and Administration to the community and the region
  • Ability to serve as a leader willing to serve on a personal, as well as professional level
  • Ability to serve as a goal-oriented leader, capable of providing direction in a manner that shares successes with elected officials, professionals and volunteers
  • Ability to lead by example


  • Experience as a professionally stable business leader or administrator, with a record of tenure and consistent career growth
  • A proven track record of staff development, with an emphasis on team building
  • Be a fiscal manager who thoroughly understands and has experience utilizing new business practices, technology and innovation to achieve cost savings, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Work experience consisting of a minimum of ten years of progressively responsible government, financial experience or equivalent as a Business Leader, Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, Chief Financial Officer, or other similar related positions
  • Strong financial, budget and public relation skills, a strong interest in economic development, strategic planning skills, labor-management negotiating experience, a high level of communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to build consensus with different support groups in the community
  • Ability to team with Council and staff to provide open, responsive and consumer-oriented service to the community and provide sound recommendations to the Council
  • A proven track record of effectively communicating critical policy and service initiatives
  • Ability to keep officials informed, while staying totally detached from the political process and ensuring that the members of the administration maintain a similar detachment


The salary range is $130,000 - $160,000, depending upon qualifications, with an excellent benefit package. Permanent residency in the Town of East Greenwich after hiring is desired but not mandatory. The Town and candidate will negotiate an employment contract for the position.

How to Apply

Send resume, a list of references (who will not be contacted in the early stages of the search) and a summary of significant accomplishments to the East Greenwich Town Manager Search Committee by December 22, 2017. EEO Employer.