Comprehensive Community Services Master Plan

About the Community Services & Parks Master Plan

Building on the Town’s strong commitment to provide community services, high quality parks, and recreation facilities and programs for residents of all ages, the Community Services Department has initiated the development of a Comprehensive Community Services and Parks Master Plan.

Why is a Community Services and Parks Master Plan important?

A great community services and parks/recreation system is a key component of any healthy community. Community Services and Parks/Recreation facilities and programs contribute to the social, cultural, environmental and economic balance of a community. They provide opportunities for people of all ages to engage, grow and explore. They can improve the public’s health while also nurturing a sense of place and community.

What will a Community Services and Parks Master Plan mean for the community?

It will provide strategic direction and actions to help realize goals, while anticipating future challenges and changing community needs and trends.

How can community members get involved?                                                             There are a number of ways the community can get involved, including:

• Online community surveys

• Targeted interviews 

• Focus Groups 

• Public Workshops 

• Contact a member of the Project Team (below)

Dates, Times, and surveys coming out soon.                                      Please stay tuned.


 Andrew Wade: Town of East Greenwich, Community Services Director

Mike Moonan: BL Companies, Project Manager               

Suzy Fisher: The Sports Facilities Company                                                                                           

Craig Pereira: Horsely Witten Group, Inc.