Town Manager


The Town Manager provides for the proper administration of all affairs of the Town and is responsible to the Town Council for same. The Town Manager is appointed by a majority vote of all the Town Council members and serves as the Town's Chief Administrative Officer. 

Services Provided

The following services are provided by the office:
  • Recommend to the Town Council adoption of such measures necessary or expedient for the health, safety or welfare of the Town or for the improvement of administrative services
  • Direct and supervise Town staff
  • Prepare the budget annually and submit it to the Town Council together with a message describing its important features and be responsible for its administration after adoption
  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of the Town subject to the approval of Town Council
  • Represent the interests of the Town of East Greenwich with State and Federal agencies, other local governments and agencies
  • Administer the personnel system of the Town
  • Keep the Town Council advised of the financial condition and future needs of the Town and make such recommendations as deemed desirable
  • Coordinate the activities of all boards, commissions and committees as may be required by Town Council
  • Monitor proposed State legislation affecting local interest