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Town of East Greenwich: Swift Community Center Rental Application

  1. Four Hour Rental Fees (after four hours add $31.60 per hour).

    Monday - Thursday:

    $195 EG Non-Profit / $220 Resident / $320 Other

    Friday - Sunday:

    $220 EG Non-Profit / $295 Resident / $395 Other

    Child Birthday Party (ages 12 and under): 

    $220 Resident / $320 Other

    Town Department (School, Library):


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  3. I agree that the above information is true and factual and that I have received a copy of the Swift Community Center rules and regulations. As the representative for my organization we agree to abide by the Center's rules and regulations.


    Payment is due 30 days prior to a rental. Helium balloons are not allowed in the Swift Community Center. Trampolines and inflatables (bounce houses) are not allowed on Town property. Renters must seek approval from the Fire Marshal for amplified music and decorations.

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